Firearm Purchase Requirements

by | Jul 7, 2022

The thought and idea of buying a firearm can sometimes be an ending debate depending on where you come from. And yes, unless your state regulations and laws permit owning a firearm, purchasing one can be a challenging experience. But still, some research suggests that in 2020 especially at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, firearm sales spiked with about seventeen million guns sold before the end of the year. And while possessing a firearm isn’t taken lightly, even when your state laws allow owning one, you still have a chance to buy yours without hassles if you better understand the requirements to buy a gun.
So, let’s explore more about everything you need to legally and effortlessly buy a firearm.

The Requirements for Purchasing a Shotgun or Rifle

Rifles and shotguns are designed for different uses and excel in various tasks. For example, if you’re interested in hunting or shooting aerial targets, a shotgun could be a better option to a rifle. And for precise targeting or long range shooting, a rifle may be the better option. However, regardless of their differences, a shotgun and a rifle have similar purchase requirements, including the following.

Be 18 Years of Age

For legal gun ownership, you need to be eighteen years of age with a sound mind and character. At the same time, you also need to have valid and non-expired government-issued driver’s licenses or an identification card. Plus, the driver’s license or identification card must reflect your current living address and anything else essential while buying a firearm, such as the evidence you legally qualify to own a firearm from the consent of your guardian or parent.
Also, to avoid challenges or even falling out with firearm sellers and regulating authorities, understand that some firearm stores sell to select states, so check with your local stores before deciding to buy from them. In addition, check any restrictions that apply based on your state of residence to avoid falling out with the state laws.
Moreover, buy your shotgun or rifle from dealers that comply with your relevant federal and state laws from their business locations and inspect if your identification card or driver’s license abides with such regulations.
On top of that, check your local jurisdiction and find any valuable information for your firearm purchase journey. You could also do a background check with security officials or systems to ensure the dealers you buy from are legit and legally permitted to sell firearms.

The Requirements for Buying a Handgun

Because everyone is different, the requirements of buying a gun depend on your personal needs and budget. For example, if you want to buy a gun you can find in different models, the Glock 19 is a viable option. You will easily find various models of Glock 19 guns making it easier to choose an ideal option for you. Also, the number of rounds the weapon holds can influence the type of handgun you want to buy. For example the Glock 19 holds 15+1 rounds, making it a high capacity handgun. But in general, some of the things to consider when purchasing a handgun include the following.

Be Twenty One Years of Age and Above

These requirements are for buying handguns, revolvers, and pistols. Also, some handguns look like rifles but are pistols based on their barrel sizes or braces. And besides being twenty-one years and above, you also need to have a non-expired driver’s license or identification card indicating you’re a legal resident. At the same time, the driver’s license and identification card must verify your current living address.
Also, in states like North Carolina, you need a permit from the Carolina Pistol Purchase Permit authorities or present a permit from the Carolina Concealed Carry Permit authorities. These permits show your address to help reflect the same addresses as those on your identification card or driver’s license. Or, suppose you change your current living address; these documents can help you purchase your pistol, handgun, or revolver.

The Requirements for Purchasing a Lower Receiver

You should also buy a receiver for your firearm to work perfectly and deliver the expected results you want. And unlike an upper receiver, a lower one is vital in helping your firearm work perfectly regardless of its model.
The receiver sits above the firearm grip holding the hammer and the trigger, and has a slot for placing the magazine. This way, the firearm will work better than without the receiver. And when it comes to buying a lower receiver, some of the requirements you should meet include the following.

Be Twenty-One Years Old

Like buying a handgun, revolver, or pistol, you must be twenty-one years and above in most states. In addition, you also need to present your valid and non-expired government-issued identification card or a driver’s license. These documents should also reflect and indicate your current living address and have a background check that legally approves you’re eligible to own a firearm.
More importantly, buying a lower receiver is similar to purchasing a handgun or even a revolver in that it requires a background check done by the firearm dealer on the day you wish to buy the firearm.
Plus, depending on where you buy the receiver and the state regulations, you may also use a legal permit from your state firearm control authorities to purchase your firearm without a driver’s license or an identification card.

The Factors to Consider When Buying a Firearm

Because not all firearms are the same, some factors to consider when buying yours include the following.


As a rule, you should buy a highly reliable firearm worth every penny you spend on it. And to understand how reliable the firearm is, you could explore reviews from different platforms before buying a particular model.

The Caliber

Depending on why you need a firearm, pay attention to its caliber above anything else. For instance, if you want to train for shooting competitions, buying a firearm with a larger caliber is the best thing. This way, you have a chance of shooting at any range with enough thrills of authenticity. But if you’re interested in game hunting or shooting aerial objects, a small caliber firearm will still get you sorted.
Importantly, regardless of the model of firearm you buy, you could find dependable guidance from industry professionals like those from Contact them promptly via the following.

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